The POT-T or Portable Outdoor-travel Toilet story: We’re a Women Owned Family Business that proudly manufactures the worlds best Organic portable compact camping and travel toilet. POT-T is designed to fit in your back pack, set up anywhere and hold a 350lb. person! National Geo says, “it’s revolutionary.”

POT-T was born out of pure necessity, after adventuring to 72 countries Photojournalist, inventor, patent holder learned that some 3 Billion people suffer from a complete lack of sanitary facilities. Right here in the US of A, we encounter uncontained human waste; on trails, National Parks and along highways. POT-T is an immediate, practical and affordable solution. Special Problem: As inner-city homeless populations expand so does Hepatitis A. POT-T immediately helps contains human waste stopping the spread of Hepatitis A, and a host of other deadly diseases.

In short, none of the so called portable toilets were up to the job. Organic, reusable, degradable, super-strong and can fit in a backpack. A Patent Office First Place Winner!

It was obvious the world desperately needed an affordable, practical, waterless and truly portable toilet. After all, we put men on the Moon, whipped several of mankind’s most lethal diseases and harnessed the Atom. So why has this dangerous problem gone mostly accepted? In fact, witnessing the environmentally destructive nature of open human waste, say nothing of the global death toll directly attributed to the lack of human sanitation one would think to find a solution would have been priority one. Alternately, human waste is recognized by worldwide authorities, like the United Nations World Health Organization, as a growing disaster threat of cataclysmic proportions; however, nearly all the systems and methodologies employed have been ‘too-little-too-late’.

Rick refused to accept that a way to arrest and control this incredibly infectious, destructive problem born of a basic human condition could not be found. One thing was clear. Finding a way to save the lives of millions, including some 90,000 children a year and recoup the very earth under our feet seemed a worthy challenge. After an intensive R&D period the Portable Outdoor Travel-Toilet was born (originally titled the Personal Commode). The US Patent Examiner stated, “… the last practical portable toilet was issued in 1937. Congratulations.” POT-T is in production. Mindful of its potential as a lifesaving tool, a portion of profits will go to supplying areas of the world with this incredibly simple and long overdue health product.

Roughly the weight of a cell phone and size of a book, POT-T fits in a common backpack and so strong it can hold a 350lb seated person. Environmentally friendly,  rugged, easy to set up on any rough surface and remarkably comfortable. All who camp in the wilderness, hunt or fish, understand the POT-T is a must item in their outdoor gear. Its ‘Day-One’ Disaster Preparedness usefulness is immediately obvious; every emergency kit needs one.

Our national parks, wilderness areas, and waterways would be rehabilitated and saved for generations to come if everyone was required to use a POT-T instead of going in the wild. Human waste issues pose a great danger to the park’s environment and visitors. Last year 33 million park visitors created approximately 155 million holes along the trails and campsites of our beautiful land.

POT-T is finding its way into schools as a Lock-down item. Fire departments, Law Enforcement, USMC Armor Brigade, field hospitals, mass care stocks, remote job sites and if you can imagine where it is probably there or about to be. A simple product with an enormous worldwide health impact. Purchasing a POT-T is good for your health and the future of our environment. Made in the USA.

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Sept. 28-29 “Off-Road Expo” Pomona FAIRPLEX, Pomona, CA

      Oct. 16-17 “League of Cities Annual Conf. & Expo” Long Beach, CA   Long Beach Convention Center, Booth #862