"Rated the best portable outdoor camping toilet in the world!

Portable Outdoor Travel - Toilet is ready anywhere you have to go!"

See at the following expos

"Overland Expo 2017," Flagstaff, AZ, May 12-14

"NOVUS," United Nations, New York City, NY, July 2017

AUSA EXPOSITION" October, U.S. Army/Defense Conf & Expo, Wash., D.C.

"Preparedness Sanitation" Chicago, Ill.

Super strong degradable collapsible toilet that comfortably holds a seated 350 lb. seated person. Waterless, weighs a mere 1 lb+ and fits in any standard backpack.  A remarkable sanitary convenience when camping, hunting, fishing traveling and for all emergencies where sanitation is important. POT-T is essential in our wilderness and National Parks whose environmental motto is, "Leave No Trace."

POT-T will in fact save lives in a post-event scenarios by it's use in 'first-line-of-defense" where it helps suppress a wide variety of deadly vectored diseases.
A degradable plastic liner is inserted into the center well, and the liner is disposed of according to local guidelines. POT-T is reusable, if not soiled.

POT-T proven invaluable during water and power outages, and after natural disasters, earthquakes and hurricanes. Presently in use at a number of high risk locations around the globe.

  • Camping, trail hikes and wilderness sites
  • "Warfighter Approved." Military exercises/situations (land/sea/air). DARPA tested.
  • Earthquake disaster and utility outages
  • Isolated construction and rural job sites
  • Private aircraft and boats/platforms
  • Homeless camps and public sanitation
  • Relief/refugee camps disease prevention (UNICEF & Doctors w/o Borders)

It is:

  • easy to setup and requires no training on the part of the user.
  • extremely compact
  • waterless
  • ultra lite weight
  • totally degradable
  • Lifesaver, first line of defense against vectored human waste diseases
  • Air-drop approved anywhere in the world, where landing or ground delivery is not an option.
  • has a 50 year shelf life.
  • globally affordable

POT-T Ships same day due to strong demand shipping will vary from 2 weeks to 30 days.

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