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The inventor and patent holder Richard M. Diaz, has traveled to 72 countries and developed an understanding of the importance of having an affordable and practical human waste toilet that anyone could use when needed. It had to be environmentally safe, easy to use and strong. Aside from the obvious wilderness sports and use as a comfort seat it was clear the pot-T would also save lives. In addition, our national parks, wilderness areas and waterways would be rehabilitated and saved for generations to come.

Richard Diaz designed and created pot-T for use globally and it is now available for purchase world foreign and domestic.

The pot-T is one of the most important products to come to market since the discovery of penicillin and may in the long run save as many lives. A simple product with an enormous worldwide health impact.

In recent years the world has witnessed a series of disasters and natural calamities all of which have in some way left hundreds of thousands and at times millions without sanitation systems. Disease related to open human waste claims the countless lives for lack of a simple method of comfortably capturing and containing human waste. A child under six years of age dies every 3 minutes from a form of diarrheal disease due to lack of sanitation.

With nearly 2 Billion people on the planet without toilet facilities and the looming possibility of that figure nearly doubling in the next decade, the pot-T is a remarkable product at the right time for the right reasons.

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