Like our US Marine customers say, “Get your shit together” with the best portable travel toilet in the world. Period.

The great gift that people actually keep!

2022 a fantastic Christmas gift; find us on amazon at POT-T, it’s that easy!

During a ‘Coronavirus Quarantine’, TP is important, and so is a truly reusable/disposable Portable Toilet. Stock at least two POT-T’s ASAP. World Health Organization states that human fecal matter can easily transmit the Covid-19. POT-T helps immediately contain human waste anywhere.

At Christmas, give someone a beautifully wrapped POT-T with a bow on top! Watch them shake it puzzled as to what it could be, surprise! Imagine their laughter as they discover this amazing and practical gift! A gift people will keep in their trunk, in their emergency kit, or with their camping gear. A gift that is a win-win.

In 2023 we will be at the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM). At the Long Beach Convention Center.

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