Will the POT-T hold me while I am seated?
POT-T can support a seated person weighing up to 350 lbs. Wait! Did we say 350 lbs? It’s true! POT-T was officially crush-tested by one of the worlds foremost Fortune companies, Weyerhaeuser Paper Corporation and passed with flying colors. POT-T ‘s seat design makes it adjustable and it can conform to an adult or a small child (including a child in potty training). POT-T was designed, engineered and is Made in America. *Because POT-T is so comfortable and does not have the appearance of a portable toilet, as in, no white seat, no clips, no TV-like legs or a bucket design; it is often used as a strong practical seat at parades, concerts, long waiting lines, and even around the campfire.

How much does a POT-T weigh?
POT-T weighs a mere pound or close to the weight of an iPhone 6 (yes, amazing).

Is POT-T easy to carry?
POT-T when fully collapsed and in its carry box it will fit in your backpack; POT-T measures 10″x 12″ x 2″ (inches). About the size of a magazine book (incredible).

Can POT-T be set up anywhere?
Yes! Wherever you need to go. POT-T can set up easily on any rough and even relatively uneven ground. Setup for an adult POT-T is 12″ high, 20″ wide.

How long does it take to set POT-T up?
POT-T’s unique ‘One-Piece-design’ allows it to be set up in less than 30 seconds, with practice, even in total darkness. Naturally, you will want to use it with one of our Cornstarch degradable liners.

Is POT-T truly degradable?
Yes, because POT-T is ‘organic’ it is completely degradable. POT-T is unique because it has no vinyl, metal or otherwise environmentally destructive parts which means it can be carried into all of our precious State and National Parks where “Leave No Trace” is so very important.

Is POT-T reusable?
Yes! With care, a clean POT-T can be repacked and used again-and-again.

What happens if it gets wet?
POT-T is water resistant. Additionally, we have developed a simple way to use POT-T even in driving rain. POT-T Raincoat: Just open a large kitchen liner and place POT-T in it, then tuck the open portion of the liner over the seating area and into the center well. Now, place a waste liner in and over the seating area. Presto, POT-T is now waterproof.

How is POT-T stored?
POT-T has a conservative shelf-life of 50 years (much like WWII cardboard). We recommend you store one in the trunk of your car and another with your Emergency Disaster Kit. Our boaters love POT-T.

How do I dispose of my waste liner?
Our ‘degradable liners’ are designed to begin the degradation process once subjected to digestive-like bacteria (you supply them by the millions). Each POT-T user determines disposal of the waste-filled liners based on the area/location circumstances and availability of trash disposal systems. Naturally, POT-T liners can be buried when carry out is not possible. When at a park follow the posted sanitation guidelines or pack-out requirements.

Can I purchase degradable liners from you?
YES, you can. Simply contact us at info@pot-t.com or portableoutdoortraveltoilet@gmail.com. We ship a dozen liners to a bag; a bag sells for $11.00 plus tax (volume purchases reduces this price).