Bag of One Dozen degradable liners for POT-T


Packet of one dozen biodegradable liners, for your POT-T Unit. Simply place over the middle area and secure. Made of a cornstarch material, this product is suitable for long-term storage and stockpiling.

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Please pack an extra set of liners for camping and other situations.  This bag of a dozen biodegradable liners, is made to line the POT-T seat. Simply place one in and over the seat area.

Created with the environment in mind, these bags are made of a cornstarch material that will breakdown as soon as it meets contact with the soil. These bags can become part of your emergency kit, with a long storage life. Liner bags can be stockpiled and part of an emergency kit. It won’t break down until it meets the ground. Slip these easily in your emergency kit or camping supplies.

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Dimensions 8 × 5.5 × 0.5 in